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Innovators in the Creation of Fine Wines

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Our fine wines are of the highest quality. We hope you will enjoy our refreshing and delicious wines for many years to come.
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Rich Red Wine

The combination of the bigger Cabernet and Shiraz with the temperate Merlot creates a smooth, velvety wine. It is supple and flavoursome with elements of plum, dark chocolate and berries.


Delicious White Wine

Citrus and lemongrass with toasty honeyed notes. Refreshing lemon and lime with honey sweetness on the palate and lingering citrus finish. With time, classic aged Hunter characteristics will develop.


Fine Dessert Wine

The palate exhibits fresh melon and ctrus blossom flavours which persist. The light oak treatment adds mid palate body and complexity. This particular wine finishes with soft, creamy and nutty characters and is very popular.


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