Finding a Design Pro

The first step in any interior design project should be to decide as closely as possible what you are hoping to create in your new space. Sometimes you can achieve great things with just a few minor changes, such as swapping out some of your furniture and accent pillows, paintings, etc. On the other hand, your room may need a total overhaul and you don’t know where to even begin. This is where it pays to have a professional’s advice and help with such a daunting project.

cropped-cropped-header3.jpgIt may seem equally daunting to find someone you believe you can rely on for quality and understanding your taste and budget. It always helps to start by asking your family and friends if they have ever worked with anyone they were glad they hired to help them with interior decorating.

If that doesn’t work, browsing portfolios online can be a great way to begin to decide if you might be able to find the perfect person for your ideas. Just make sure they have a good reputation and great references. There may also be some very interesting and talented designers right in your own area who would be willing to help you. Go to the local shops and ask. Be sure and ask around about pricing as well because this type of project can become very expensive and there is a wide range in pricing depending on who you go to.

If you find someone you really like and feel you trust, go ahead and request a complete estimate. You may be surprised at how easily everything will fit together when you make a plan and find the help you need. Take one step at a time when looking through product styles and before you know it you will have a beautiful new environment to enjoy for many years to come.