The Right Tools Make for Easier Work

In this day and age, many of the tools we buy are not of the best quality. They are manufactured in large quantities for the average homeowner who may not be an avid gardener. Most of the tools you might buy in the big stores could fall into this category. When purchasing garden tools, be sure to look for the quality and thickness of the steel used, as well as the quality of the wooden handles.

A “Hand Cultivator” is a must-have tool for removing small weeds and roughing up the soil for seeding, both in containers and in garden beds. It is best to try and find one that is either one piece of forged or molded steel, or has a steel head that is securely attached to a wooden handle.

A standard stirrup “Hoe” is a great tool, especially for vegetable gardeners. This tool is perfect for weeding between rows of vegetables. If you have perennial gardens, a more delicate touch may be required, especially if your garden is fairly full.

“Hand Trowels” are perfect for planting container gardens, digging out weeds, and mixing potting mixes. You’re best off if you can afford a trowel that is one piece of forged stainless steel. These are amazingly durable, and usually have a rubberized grip for comfort. If you can’t find a forged trowel, look for a trowel with a stainless steel head and a strong connection to the handle.

“Bypass Pruners” are wonderful for gentle shaping, and removing spent foliage. A good pair can be fairly expensive, though there are many mid-range brands that are of good quality. “Loppers” are your best bet for trimming trees and schrubs. They are perfect for removing branches up to two inches in diameter, which means that they are well suited for all kinds of pruning and shaping jobs.

Of course, don’t forget to pick up a sturdy rake and a solid shovel or a “Spade”, which is a square-headed shovel that has short handles. They are perfect for digging planting holes, edging beds, removing sod, and moving small amounts of soil or amendments.

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