Many Hardy Perennials Can Be Planted in Early Spring

Perrenials are the most trustworthy plants to return year after . They always amaze people when they see them coming back after a cold and miserable winter and I have so much respect for them. Spring can be so unpredictable in many parts of the country, that it is difficult to know when the right time is to start planting your spring garden.

Remember that most garden vegetables and annuals really can’t stand the frost. However, many hardy perennials can be planted quite early in the spring, especially if they have already been outdoors at a nursery, or if you acquire them as “bare root plants” or plants that have had their roots washed clean and are not potted.

If you are worried about whether you might just have an unexpected early spring frost, you can hold your plants in their containers in a sheltered spot either outdoors or in a shed until you are more certain of the weather. Make sure they get enough morning sun and that they are protected from the wind. They will not do well indoors, because they need the cool air at night, as long as it is not frost. Keep the soil damp and they should be fine until you are ready to plant them.

Have you ever wanted to create a backyard habitat where all of your plants and wildlife can peacefully co-exist, while you enjoy the beauty surrounding you? Get started on your way to creating such a place. The plants you choose will determine the types of wildlife that frequent your area. Once established, the habitat can be enhanced with bird houses, bat houses, koi ponds, or whatever you like.

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