Gardening Tips

Consider Planting Plenty of Flowering Perennials

To name just a few favorites perennials – Bluebeard, classified as a “deciduous” schrub, reaches a height and width of up to 4 feet . Its prominent features are its dense clusters of fragrant blue flowers and its silver gray foliage. It begins to flower in late summer and continues all the way into autumn.

Autumn Joy, (also know as “stonecrop”) is a sedum favorite in rock gardens. Its foliage consists of succulent leaves which can range in color from blue-green, yellow-green or reddish-pink, to even almost a cream color. It also produces a unique type of cluster flower, and also attracts butterflies.

Don’t forget about hardy rose bushes. Roses are worthy of a place in your garden. There is nothing quite so poetic as a red, red rose. And they will appear for you every year, without fail.

Blue Fescue is another wonderful drought-resistant perennial that you can really enjoy in your garden. It is also known as “Elijah Blue” and grows to around a foot tall and wide. It looks more like a shorter type of perennial grass and has a bluish color to its foliage. For a taller drought-resistant ornamental grass, Maidengrass is a favorite. It starts out with copper colored tassels in early fall, and eventually becomes lighter in color and grows as a puffy plume. It can reach as much as 7 feet in height, so you want to make sure you position it in the back of your other plants.

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Growing Organic Vegetables

Growing your own vegetables in your backyard isn’t as difficult as you might think. There are many types that will grow in your area. You just have to check with your local nursery to find out what the best ones are for the area you live in and follow their instructions on how to best make them thrive.