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We bring you all kinds of information regarding gardens, landscaping, planting, flower types and more. Have you ever wanted to create a backyard habitat where all of your plants and wildlife can peacefully co-exist, while you enjoy the beauty surrounding you? Garden Sanctuary will help to start you on your way to creating such a place. The plants you choose will determine the types of wildlife that frequent your area. Once established, the habitat can be enhanced with bird houses, bat houses, koi ponds, or whatever you like.

The first thing you need to do is establish what grows in your particular climate, and what wildlife you see around you that may feast on what you are trying to grow. Wildlife resistant shrubs and plants recommended by your local nurseries can be a start. Also, there may be many useful plants that look like weeds, but are actually herbs. Flowers and herbs can attract bees, butterflies, and beneficial insects. Trees and shrubs provide food and shelter for birds and small animals, while ground covers can support the organisms that live in the soil. This site will explore creating a backyard sanctuary for you and the wildlife that surrounds you.

Drought Resistant Perennials

There are many perennial flowering plants that are able to withstand all day sun. If you are having to tolerate drought conditions at one point or another, these are wonderful plants to fill your garden with.

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Working With Shaded Gardens

Many shade gardens are naturally cool and moist. They are usually surrounded by deep-rooted trees and copious amounts of natural mulch from fallen leaves. Their soils are normally rich, deep, and easy to dig.

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