About Us

Dennis Walters
Dennis is a successful potter, as well as being our Manager. He is always very helpful to all of us and we appreciate him very much for all of the work he does.
Christy Marshall
Lead Clay Artist
Christy is a very talented artist with clay. She is able to design and create just about any type of pottery or ceramic art. She is much appreciated in our company!
Penny Sullivan
Office Manager
Penny is the most organized of all of us. She has a very important role and takes care of all the business details really well.
Dave Mitchell
Inventory Manager
Dave is a great inventory and quality control manager. He keeps everything organized and is always available if we have problems or questions.
Sarah Allen
Expert Potter
Sarah is a fantastically talented potter. She creates a large part of our inventory designs and directs many of our ceramic workers. We appreciate having her great energy in our company.
Dennis Willington
Master Craftsman
Dennis is an amazing craftsman. He can build just about anything, and he makes all of our displays as well as creating and designing a number of our best selling products.