Organic Wines


Making wines, without any of the chemicals is somewhat difficult to achieve. The reason may be emergencies like a pest attack or grapes plants catch a disease, or under normal conditions also, processes like fining involves the use of chemicals.

ADVANTAGES: There are lots of reasons why people choose these wines. It has its own advantages, firstly it’s free of chemical residues found in other wines and so these residues will not enter your body. Secondly these wines contain higher levels of anti-oxidants that can lower cholesterol and prevent cell-oxidation which may cause cancer.

Organic vineyards are not necessarily “tidy” in the conventional sense with “spreadsheet” rows of vines devoid of all interior plant or animal life except the prized vine. However, they are beautiful – a stunning display of nature’s innate system of checks and balance, cover crops, bugs, bees, birds, bats and the like checking in on vine-destroying insects and weeds – helping to balance their formidable populations to give rise to a vine that can thrive. Organic wines are a true ecosystem gem.

With grapes topping the list of the most chemically “sprayed” (with insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and other nasty “cides”) categories of produce on the market today, it is no wonder that many are seeking an organic alternative to their conventional wines. Tides are certainly turning as more vintners are discovering that the common-sense approach to both organic and biodynamic growing methods, results in not only “healthier” vines, but in wines with greater flavor, more distinct terroir character and at times a noticeable cost-savings on their bottom line.