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Kauai Hiking Expedition


What an amazing tour this was!  We had 12 enthusiastic hikers with us, from all over the world.  Everyone seemed to be relaxed and all got along fine.  The hikes spanned moderate to fairly difficult, with some uphill climbing and a couple of hot and humid days.  We paced ourselves and everyone seemed to enjoy the incredible scenery so much that being tired wasn’t even an issue.  Anyone who preferred to stay at camp was always free to relax or go the the beach, but no one did.  We had special alternate days for lounging around on the beach, going swimming or taking site seeing trips.

On the last day, we all hopped onto a sailing skip and went out to do a little scuba diving and hopefully see a couple of whales.  Some decided to scuba dive and others just went to enjoy the ride.  It was a gorgeous sail with fantastic views of Kauai.

Jane and Ryan C.

Kauai Hiking Expedition

Northern California Hiking Expedition


This hiking trip was one of the best I have ever experienced.  At first I was hesitant to go with an unfamiliar group of people, but that feeling soon disappeared when I realized what a congenial group we had and what an exciting schedule we had planned for this trip.  We started out in Mendocino and hiked up along the coast.  The views were beyond my expectations.  Next we drove up to Lassen County and climbed the trail up to Mount Lassen.  Then on to Shasta County where we heard there were 80 some miles of trials open for exploration!  What a beautiful place!  Trails along the Sacramento River with views of the Trinity Alps, trials along Whiskeytown Lake, and of course, Lake Shasta.  All of the trails are in excellent condition, making hikes there a breeze.  Last but not least, we drove up to Mount Shasta and hiked through Panther Meadows, enjoying wild flowers everywhere, ending up atop of Black Butte with a view of Mount Shasta and everything around it.  You could see mountains for miles, in all directions.  All in all, a wonderful expedition!
Jan and Tim M.

Northern California Hiking Expedition

Testimonial from a Client


If you haven’t yet taken one of these fabulous hiking tours, you definitely should! Everything was very organized and we saw amazing places we never would have been able to find on our own. The guides treated us very well and we were well taken care of with plenty of great food to eat. I highly recommend this company!
Anne and John L.

Testimonial from a Client

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