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Hawaii overflows with natural beauty. Piercing up through the surface of the Pacific from the ocean floor, the Hawaiian Islands are garlanded with soft sand beaches and dramatic volcanic cliffs. Long days of sunshine and fairly mild year-round temperatures make this an all-season destination, while the islands’ offerings, from urban Honolulu in Oahu to the luxury resorts of Maui to the natural wonders of Kauai and the Big Island, appeal to a variety of tastes. Traveling to Hawaii is as close as an American can get to visiting another country while staying within the United States. There’s much to appreciate about the state’s indigenous culture, the hundreds of years of immigration that resulted in today’s blended society, and the tradition of aloha that has welcomed millions of visitors over the years.


In a place surrounded by the ocean, water sports like surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving abound. Hawaii has it all—and more. But that’s just the sea. Interior mountains and valleys offer a never-ending stream of other outdoor adventures.


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